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    Meet your due diligence and avoid a Hostile Work Environment by having a sexual harassment policy,
    conducting training, and monitoring to ensure you have a respectful workplace.

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With our Prevent Sexual Harassment Video Kit, you receive:

  • 30-minute Video for Supervisors/Managers
  • 20-minute Video for Employees
  • Substantial Leader Guide (Word format)
  • Reproducible Participant Guide (Word format)
  • Supplemental Guide with Case Studies
  • (2) Professional PowerPoint Presentations – Manager and Employee versions
  • Manager’s Checklist
  • Workshop Details and Agenda
  • Workshop Preparation Guide
  • Well-crafted Sexual Harassment Policies (Word format)
  • Quiz and Quiz Key
  • Reproducible Certificate of Completion
  • Scheduling Sheet to Track Your Learners
  • Workshop Sign-in Sheet
  • Evaluation Feedback Form
  • Closed Captioning

This Video Kit Training Kit is also available on
USB Flash Drive, MP4, SCORM 1.2 or as an online training course library.
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Sexual Harassment Prevention Compliance Training

HR Proactive’s Prevent Sexual Harassment video training program was designed to work for all employers in all states, including those with required training laws such as California, New York, Connecticut etc. Instead of creating static, state-specific programs, we created a best practice approach that means our program can be used in all states and if wanting to refer to the individual state requirement there is a link page that can be referenced in the Leader Guide or PowerPoint presentation.

In addition, New York state requires training to be interactive, which the customer can achieve using classroom learning with our video DVD or online training, combined with our interactive activities, case studies, quizzes and in-person discussion. You don’t need to be a subject matter specialist to deliver our training. We provide a full-scripted Leader Guide that has the research and development prepared for you to deliver.



  • What constitutes sexual harassment under state/federal law
  • Forms of sexual harassment and examples of sexual harassment and gender-based harassment
  • How do we determine whether the work environment is hostile
  • How to tell if conduct is unwelcome
  • Responsibilities for preventing sexual harassment
  • The impact of sexual harassment on the individual and organization
  • #MeToo Revolution
  • The extension of the workplace and sexual harassment by third parties
  • What you and employees can do to maintain a respectful workplace
  • How to report incidents, the protection from retaliation and what to expect under the company’s anti-sexual harassment policy
  • How to deal with sexual harassment if it occurs




$599.99 plus taxes & shipping

Prevent Sexual Harassment +
Prevent Harassment/Bullying & Violence +
Respect & Civility

HR Proactive has bundled our Prevent Sexual Harassment + Prevent Harassment/Bullying & Violence + Respect & Civility in the Workplace Video Kit kits to help organizations avoid harassment complaints and reduce the risk of liability by creating awareness on how to promote and maintain a safe and respectful workplace. The program quizzes will test your employees' understanding of the concepts related to sexual harassment, bullying, and a civil work environment. Meet your compliance requirements. Develop policies and roll-out training today!



$499.99 plus taxes & shipping

Prevent Sexual Harassment +
FMLA for Supervisors

HR Proactive has bundled our Prevent Sexual Harassment + FMLA for Supervisors Video Kit kit(s) so that you can provide a work environment free of sexual harassment and understand how to implement the Family Medical Leave Act. The program quizzes will test your employees’ understanding of the concepts covered in the training programs. Our products have everything you need to conduct professional workshops. Ask us about putting all our compliance videos on your company’s customized launch page so that your employees can access 24/7.



$499.99 plus taxes & shipping

Prevent Sexual Harassment +
ADA for Supervisors

HR Proactive has bundled our Americans Disability Act (ADA) for Supervisors + Prevent Sexual Harassment Video Kit kit(s) so that you can train supervisors to protect workers from sexual harassment and be able to handle requests for accommodation with ease and confidence. There are quizzes that will test your employees’ understanding of the concepts related to complying with sexual harassment legislation under the EEOC laws and ensuring your employee’s rights and responsibilities under the Americans with Disability Act. Ask us about uploading our videos to your server to track your learners.


Sexual Harassment Awareness Training

Louisiana State University Eunice conducted their bi-annual Faculty/Staff Workshop which included sexual harassment awareness training presented from the HR Proactive Sexual Harassment Video Kit. At the end of the training, each employee was asked to fill out a survey rating the information from the video in the following areas: usefulness, timeliness, adequate coverage, and overall rating. Information presented from the Sexual Harassment Video Kit received an overall rating of 95% (Excellent) from faculty and staff at LSU Eunice.

I was extremely pleased with the statistically data from the survey because it confirmed the verbal feedback I received from our faculty and staff after the workshop. Examples of feedback I received were, "I really enjoyed the video", "it was very informative", "the video was current and included up-to-date information", "great presentation, not boring at all", "by far better than the information presented in the past", and "not too long, not too short, just right". As you can see, an overwhelming majority of faculty and staff really enjoyed the video and they also communicated that they wanted to receive more training like this in the future.

Thank you, HR Proactive, for providing us with useful information to help our campus maintain an environment free from sexual harassment.

Atina Guillory Wright- MSHRM Career Services Coordinator/Advisor Louisiana State University Eunice